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Uncategorized Nov 04, 2023

Today I was awakened with a different message for the webinar I was asked to speak at.  My talk was aimed at teaching how to keep healthy in the coming year for attending business leaders. Originally, I had thought to start with "flu season" versus "candy season".  The lie that we are told yearly to go get our flu shot that does nothing but put unwanted manmade chemicals into our bodies in the name of health. In reality "flu season" is a combination of non-stop sugar starting from Halloween, Thanksgiving, cookie exchanges, holiday parties, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year's followed by Valentines Day and Easter!  It is all this sugar and alcohol combined with the season's waning sunshine which produces less Vitamin D and our inactivity due to the cold climate.  This is truly what constitutes "flu season".  

I was then going to talk about the detox methods Yah (shortened name of YHWH or God of the Bible) gave us to keep our health . They include five main highways of elimination that many times we have clogged either by our habits, ignorance or again inactivity.  This is truly enlightening and once you work on opening and maintaining these elimination pathways, many are already noticing huge health improvements.

Yet without a doubt, true health begins with our soul. Yah made us these electrochemical walking spiritual beings clothed with clay.  They are our houses, temples that keep our spark of life contained.  YHWH, our Creator, not a generic god, but Elohim, our Mighty-One, who knitted us together in our mother's womb and breathed in us Himself.  Everything He made has frequency. He spoke and it came to be.  Emotions can enhance or demolish our ideal operating frequency.  Fear will paralyze us.  We are told throughout the Bible to "fear not."  Yet we do. For many, our eyes pop open in the morning and we are in constant worry, what if's?, anxiety about what will happen in the world today etc. This kind of worldly fear lowers your guard to your house; allowing the enemy to sow wrong thoughts in your minds, binging on comfort foods, doing things you would not normally do and thereby, succumbing to more destructive habits.

Instead, the Bible tells us to have a holy fear/reverence!  His word says the fear of Yah is the beginning of wisdom. (Proverbs 9:10).  Be ye holy as I am holy. ((1 Peter 1:15-16, Leviticus 11:44, 45, 19:2, 20:7, 20:26, 21:8 and Deuteronomy 23:14).  So the difference in holy fear is that it leads the soul to peace that passes all understanding. (Philippians 4:7) The rest of the verse says, "it shall guard your hearts and minds through Messiah Yahshua.  

Worldly fear

DRIVES your soul to anxiety/stress

Holy fear LEADS your soul to peace and joy

As you go forth with your businesses, it is time to take inventory of your "house".  Are you being led or driven? Have you dealt with your soul first?  We are told that those who confess with their mouth that Yahshua is Master and Savior and believe in their hearts that He is the son of Elohim and was crucified, buried and resurrected the third day will save their souls. This is your choice and no one can make it for you.  You must guard your house because the god of this world is out to destroy it.  How is the enemy able to gain access?  Again, we are told he is the prince of this world. We are the ones in control of our house and it is the temple control center that we have willingly left unguarded.

In His amazing creation of our bodies, He gave us 7 entrances to our temple control centers.  It is these gates that we are to guard from harmful substances including and especially airwaves, i.e. music, podcasts, news etc that can enter our minds and give us the worldly fears that break down our health.  This is a very hard gate to close today. We are constantly plugged into the whole world, yet we are told our enemy lies.  We can no longer trust our physical senses to determine what is truth.  The technology is too great at this point in history.  I want to leave you with action steps today to start your health journey:

1) Start with your soul, there is no set prayer. Please see my post at my wordpress site if you need more help.  and read your Bible, pray for discernment and memorize scripture.

2) Protect your temple gates at all costs!  Stop with eating so much sugar and alcohol this season. Lets talk about your detox pathways, supplements and ways to maximize your health.

3) Take an "information podcast/news" break.  Turn off telegram, gab, bitchute etc.  I did not say shut down your business, emails, texts and phone calls.  Just the endless 24/7 "news", fear-mongering media.

4) Find your joy everyday.  It does not matter if it is in a sunrise, sunset, grandchild, garden flower etc.  Joy is a choice.  

5) When adversity comes your way, pray and say, "I cannot wait to see how the Father is going to handle this one!"  Give it to Him.  Carry on with your day. This takes practice because we want to grab it back and worry it all to death. Health is a discipline that gets easier as you practice it.  Remember, there is no magic pill, natural or synthetic that will ease the process.

For more information on the lies we have inherited through the ages, go to to read my book for free or you can purchase it on Amazon.  It is called "Inherited Lies, Discovering the Truth through the Bible for Yourself."






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