Most foods today cannot supply all the minerals, vitamins and key nutrients our bodies need. Organic is great but just because they are not spraying chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides, does not mean the soil is nutrient-rich. (UC Davis Food blog)

Of course, you are much better off buying locally grown foods where you can know your local farmers’ practices; but sometimes that is not always possible.  So, high-quality supplements are needed to fill the holes. Optimal Health System's Fruit and Veggie Plus is a game-changer for inflammation.  Inflammation is a huge cause of many diseases.  This is just an example of one high-powered nutrient that can make huge differences in your wellness.

That being said, let’s face it, many of us do not eat well.  So the next “hole” we will address is our nutritional intake.



If your idea of homemade is opening a package at “home”, then we will have some work ahead of us.  How often and how much actual plain unsweetened, unmineralized,unpH’d water do you consume?  What about superfoods, fermented foods, or whole foods?  These are additional areas that can make huge differences in your wellness.

Ancillary of lifestyle

These may be modalities or activities that will supplement your Dr visits and health goals.  Acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, or homeopathic can complement any health regimen.  In our school, we called exercise “FSA” or a Fun Sweaty Activity.  If it’s not fun, you won’t continue to do it, if it’s not sweaty, it’s not giving you the heart/ lymph health benefit and if it’s not activity then you are not benefiting your bones and muscles (you could just be sitting in a sauna, lol!)


Many people downplay the effects our emotional and spiritual health plays on our physical health.  Many studies have been done and most doctors today realize that stress does negatively affect us. Check out this Harvard Study

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This questionnaire will give you the ability to ask your Doctor the right questions which will enable you to make the best decisions for your health.


In our current lockdown state, many are afraid and fearful. Remember God is not a God of confusion but peace (1 Corinthians 14:33) and the Bible says to fear not” 365 times!  Once for each day. If you are living in fear, then you need to stop and ask yourself why?  Do you have security in who made you? Why you are here? Where you are going?  Let me help you conquer some of your health fears by enabling you to take charge, better your immune health, and live abundantly in these turbulent times.  We all want to stay away from the hospitals and even our doctors ’ offices.  You can no longer afford not to take ownership and responsibility for your health choices.  Your health matters and you are the gatekeepers to what you let in.